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Book Review - The Dawn: The Bombs Fall, By Michelle Muckley

And here we go with review number two!  I did some reading when I couldn't sleep this week.  My job out in the world keeps me up sometimes and there are days when it keeps my mind so busy that I can't sleep.  Those are the days when I get a lot of reading done.

So I got this book by e-mail and let me tell you, I want to read the rest of them because of this book.  I want to know how it all works out.

And on with the show......


Zachary Christian is Delta Tower resident 8652. He has been stuck inside his tower since the bombs destroyed the world he knew. The reason for the war is still a mystery, but ever since that day the world stands still, trapped by the nuclear winter and the Guardians who patrol the exits. Zachary should feel lucky to be alive, but he is haunted by past mistakes which he never got a chance to put right.

The only way out is the New Omega Lottery. The prize is a place in Omega, a giant glass tower in the center of their barren world where the new government, The Conservators, rule. Nobody from Delta has ever won. But when Zachary meets Emily he knows she is not from Delta. Convinced there must be another way out, he vows that he will find it. But he doesn't realize that The Conservators have already found him.


Book Title: The Dawn: The Bombs Fall

Author: Michelle Muckley

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

So let me be honest, I went into this book not expecting much.  That is not a complaint.  I just never know what to expect with this type of book and I have learned never to expect anything.  You just never know where you will end up with these books.

There were some issues for me and this book.  The characters just weren't developed for me.  The back stories were just not enough for me. I really had a hard time relating to any of them.  When I read a book I want to be able to relate to at least one character.  They were ok, but I just couldn't find myself connecting with any of them.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me say that the idea behind the book is a great one.  The way we get an idea of what life is like for these people in Delta Tower was great.  We get a real vision of how life for those who were not in control after the world is destroyed. I just wish we got more about how they ended up there.

Now all of these issues might be cleared up in the later books.  I am willing to wait and see how things work out for the characters.  I am hopeful with the next book we will get more of a back story and really I want more from the other towers.  I want to see if we get a chance for Zach to see Emily again.  I want to see what the rest of the world looks like now, not just what they see from the windows in Delta Tower.

Pros: Great story idea

Cons: Characters were not easy to relate to and the story was hard to get into at the beginning.

Overall rating: I am torn about recommending it.

Book Review - Witch's Moonstone Locket, By Marsha A. Moore

You have to love when the weekend arrives.  I am counting the days until I am on vacation.  Just three more days after today.  Then I can do all the reading I want and get all the reviews caught up that I have sitting in my e-mail.  I feel so blessed to have so many people wanting me to read their books and I can't wait to finish them all.

And for your reading pleasure today....


Twenty-three-year-old Jancie Sadler was out of the room when her mother died, and her heart still longs for their lost goodbye. Aching to ease her sorrow, Aunt Starla gives Jancie a diary that changes her entire life. In entries from the 1930s, her great grandmother revealed how she coped with her own painful loss by seeking out a witch from nearby Coon Hollow Coven. The witch wore the griever’s moonstone locket, which allowed whoever could unlock its enchantment to talk with the dead.

Determined to find that locket, Jancie goes to the coven’s annual carnival held in her small southern Indiana town of Bentbone. This opposes her father’s strict rule: stay away from witches. But she’s an adult now and can make her own decisions. She meets Rowe McCoy, the kind and handsome witch who wears the moonstone. He agrees to let her try to open the locket, but they’re opposed by High Priestess Adara and her jealous desire to possess him. Desperate for closure with her mother, Jancie persists and cannot turn away from a perilous path filled with magic, romance, and danger.


Book Title: Witch's Moonstone Locket

Author: Marsha A. Moore

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)

This was definitely something I would normally pick up to read.  I love paranormal series books.  This was a great start for a series.  The characters were strong and the story itself flowed well.  I really enjoyed the book as a whole.

The author gave us a great background to work from at the start. We get to see a great tragedy with the way Jancie had to deal with the death of her mother.  We see what she had to give up and what she did to get where she was at the time of the novel.

That being said there were some issues I found with the storyline. Once we got half way through things, the pace changed.  I love the ideas we have been given in this story, but we start moving from point A to point B in ways that seem out of place for me.  I would have definitely loved more on the pendant that this story revolves around.

Without giving away the ending, I think that the climax was rushed and the whole ending went to fast.  Jancie's character went from normal to something else way to fast for me.  I think that perhaps the ending could have been moved to the second book in the series.  It just felt like the author wanted tie everything up with a nice little bow.

I think we should have more build up to the ending, with more work toward it.  It is the ending that is giving me a hard time.  It is because of how things ended, because it felt way too rushed, that I gave this book three stars and not four.

Pros: Developed characters, great start

Cons: Ending was too rushed.

Overall rating: Recommended

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Book Review - Gunning for Marie, By Tracey Steinbach - Book Tour

Hello hello everyone!

So today is book tour review day.  I have been trying to get involved in book tours and when the book is as great at this one, I will keep doing it!  I am glad I got to read this book and hope to see more like it!

So on with the show...

Several years after the third World War, resources are scarce. The poor are poorer and the middle class doesn't exist anymore. A man with resources travels from city to town buying teenagers from desperate parents and orphanages. The teens are educated, fed and clothed as appropriate for their end purpose, Soldier or Breeder.

A strong, young woman, Marie Rice, falls for Gunnar Lincoln. Their attraction is forbidden, Marie meant for someone else. Disturbing events on the island lead to Gunnar and Marie looking for a way to escape and save everyone else. While they bide their time, attraction turns to something stronger. Will they escape? Will they save the others?


Amazon: ebook/dp/B00LCE6P2K/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-1&qid=1434570457

B&N: steinbach/1119879696?ean=2940149726974




Book Title: Gunning for Marie

Author: Tracey Steinbach

I got this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a great read.  It was not one of those books that dragged on for ever, which is a good thing.  I love books that give you the idea they are trying to share right away and don't drag out some things. It gets hard in some books when you are dealing with the future.

From the get go I loved the characters.  Marie is a very strong woman and you get a great understanding of her as you are reading. I love that you can tell how she feels about things as they happen.  You don't have to try and guess what bugs her.  I also love the relationship she has with the soldiers in her group and with Gunnar.  You can tell she takes care of her own.  That is a great quality.

The love story in this book was developed well and not too rushed.  You don't go from point A to point B in like 24 hours which is a good thing.  I hate when you are reading a love story and you fall in love in 24 hours.  I just can't how that works.  In this book we get a great idea of how they started to fall for each other but they let it work out on it's own.

Without giving the ending away, this book is definitely one that will leave you wanting to finish it quickly.  It was not rushed and I loved how the people involved got what they deserved.  This was not one of those pretty, hand holding books and that makes it better for me.  They have to fight for what they want.

Pros: Great storyline, great characters

Cons: Too Short, need more!

Overall rating: Highly recommended!!


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Tracey has been married for over twenty years to a man who’s broadened her horizons. He introduced her to NHRA Drag Racing in 1997. She’s been a fan ever since. Her three children call her Mom or Mama.

Tracey has an eclectic taste in music, enjoying everything from country to hard rock. Def Leppard is her favorite rock band.

Tracey enjoys watching Disney cartoon movies, action/adventure, and romantic comedies. Castle is her favorite TV show.

She loves watching NFL Football. Go 9ers and Saints!

Tracey has been an avid reader since her teen years. She started writing, seriously, after her first short story was accepted for an anthology in 2011. Reading books for a living had always been a dream of Tracey’s. She often jokes that she writes to fund her reading habit.





Twitter: @MamaS449


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Book Review - Witches Protection Program, By Michael Phillip Cash

And here is the second post of the day.  I am trying to get caught up on my reviews so that I am not behind when I go on vacation.  Mind you, I fully intend to read on my vacation, but I just would have to feel like I have to spend the whole time reviewing books and not just reading them. And this one has the rare honor of being a five star one.

And here we go....

Book Title: Witches Protection Program

Author: Michael Phillip Cash

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have to say that I loved loved loved this book.  I was so taken with it that I missed sleeping to finish reading it.  It drew me in very quickly.  And it was very much like reading the Dresden Files books for me.  ((That is a high compliment))

I have to say I have a crush on Wes.  He is a human shoved into the world of witches, fairies and whatever else is out there in the paranormal world.  He was flawed as well, so it just made him feel more human.  He was not made perfect, like so man other characters that take on the hero role.  He was very human and I loved that about him.

The idea of the story was great and I didn't see any flaws in the way it was executed.  Sometimes we get rushed parts and with most paranormal books, we sometimes get from point A to point B with no back story.  Thankfully we got the back story here.  I would have hated from them not to show me how Wes had gotten himself into trouble to begin with.  Without him getting into trouble, we would not have ended up where we were in the book.

I can't wait for the next book.  ((I am assuming this is the start to a new series))

Pros: Characters were great, story flowed

Cons: I couldn't find a con for this one.

Overall rating: Highly, Highly recommended!!

Book Review - Exodia, By Debra Chapoton

I love that I have so many books to read and review. Sadly my work in the real world has been keeping me so busy that I have not had the time to do all the reviews that I need to get done. I also have been slacking after I read some and not getting the reviews up as quickly as possible. I feel like a horrible book reviewer right now. Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done you need to get done. On with this show...

Book Title: Exodia

Author: Debra Chapoton

I got this book in exchange for an honest review.

I will be honest, I am all about the end of the world, starting over again books.   Even when it's really just technology not working and things changing for people.  This book is part of this kind of genre for me. It was very well written and definitely was far more then I expected.

It was not hard to empathize with the characters and I felt like I really got to know them.  I was able to make myself part of their world through out the book.

Over all I am definitely looking forward to the next one in the series.  The ideas for this story were so well thought out that I want to see where she goes with the next book.  I love when I can watch a story unfold as I am reading them.

I will not tell too much about the story itself, because if you are anything like me you hate to have spoilers before  you read something.  That being said, I loved the idea of the tattoos on people, with certain colors meaning certain things.  It was different and it really did help you see how the world had been divided after things went downhill.  You see things from both sides of the story and have the main character right there in the middle, trying to figure out where he stands, where he comes from.

Pros: The characters are so well written.

Cons: I am not a fan of when a book can be paralleled with s bible story.

Overall rating: I would definitely recommend this one.

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Book Review - Affairs of the Dead and Requiem for the Living, By A.J. Locke - Red Moon Book Tours

So I really enjoyed the two books that I got as part of this blog tour. Once I started reading them I couldn't put them down. I am actually very excited about getting to read the next one, assuming there is one. It leaves you hanging at the end of the second, cliff hangers are like that.

Both books are highly addictive and they are definitely worth the read.  I am going to post the review for the book we are here for, Requiem for the Living as well as the book that comes before it.  They are both wonderful books. Don't forget about the giveway at the end of the blog!  I would personally love to have the little plush dog.  Luna was my favorite :).


Necromancer Selene Vanream helps ghosts settle their affairs so they can move on. But when breaking the rules gets her in trouble, she's bumped down to tracking ghosts trying to avoid the afterlife. Ghosts like Ethan Lance, who claims he was kicked out of his body when someone else jumped in. Which might be plausible--if such a thing were possible. And if Micah, Selene's partner, didn't pull her into an investigation of brutal murders that lead directly back to Ethan.

But when the whole mess puts Selene's life in danger, she suddenly has very personal reasons to get Ethan's body back. Between her uncomfortable relationship with Micah, and problems with her boss, Selene learns just how much trouble it can be when you don't follow the rules..


Book Title: Affairs of the Dead

Author: A.J. Locke

I got this book in exchange for an honest review.

I love the paranormal books that don't always follow the mold.  I have read many series where the lead is a woman who can do all kinds of magic, but you hardly ever see a side effect.  You don't have that in this series.  We see from the get go that Selene is going to have to deal regularly with what happens to her when she uses the gifts she was born with.

The characters are definitely strong and easy to love.  I can see this book growing into a long series that keeps us all engaged for years to come.  It reminds of all the wonderful series that we have today that always have fresh, great ideas.  I feel certain that A.J. can keep this going for a while.  That is the great thing with writing in the paranormal genre.

As soon I finished this book I wanted to read the next one. I love when a series pulls me in like that.

Pros: Engaging characters, wonderful storyline

Cons: I feel like some areas were just a little rushed.

Overall rating: Highly recommended!

Image and video hosting 

by TinyPic  

Selene is slowly dying...too bad that’s the least of her problems.

You could say that Selene Vanream has a lot of problems. First there’s the Rot that’s slowly killing her, despite everything Ilyse and Micah are doing to find a way to save her. 

Then there’s Andrew, the ghost of her boss who is anchored to the living world. Selene would like to ignore him, but anchored ghosts with unsettled business turn into anchored beasties, so she can’t write him off. The government has sent a team to post up at Affairs of the Dead and keep an eye on her, which includes making sure she plays up to Andrew to keep him from turning. 

On top of that, someone is using Selene’s new power to create anchored ghosts for their loved ones to keep around. Not good since the culprit doesn’t have a clue about that whole anchored beastie angle. Now Selene has a criminal to catch while trying to stay out of the hands of government goons who have stripping her reanimation power on their agenda. 

When Micah and Ilyse finally find a way to save her, Selene thinks she can cross one bad thing off her list--until she learns the terrible price that must be paid to keep her alive. Full plate doesn’t cover it. Overflowing plate doesn’t cover it. Selene’s plate has damn near exploded.
Book Title: Requiem for the Living

Author: A.J. Locke

I got this book in exchange for an honest review.

The story continues in this book and it was great from the get go.  I love that we get the characters that we fell in love with in this book. Selene is back of course and still dealing with all the issues that seem to follow her around.  She is like a magnet for the unlucky to happen to her.  I think that is why I like her so much.

The story in this one flows much better in my opinion, but really the first book and this one are both wonderfully written.  I can't wait to see what the next one holds for us.  I am excited.

I can say that I have fallen in lust with Micah.  I would so love to have someone like him in my life. Hehe.  There is always that one character you just love in your books as you read them.  I am glad we get to see him through out this book. I also want to say this, I hate hate hate Andrew.  He reminds me of all the men I hated when I was still dating.

Now, without giving away anything, because that is not how we roll here at Reading, Writing, and What Not, the ending of this book left me feeling all kinds of confused.  I actually had to read it twice to understand exactly what A.J. did and then I was left screaming that I needed the next book to find out what will happen next.  Selene really did throw us for a loop in her actions.

Pros: OMG the action was great! The characters are still strong.

Cons: I think I want more about Micah's family.  The ending left me screaming.

Overall rating: Highly Recommended!!


There were a few things that made me feel like my day was not off to the best start. For starters, I had overslept by an hour and a half so I was monstrously late for work. Then there was the scent of smoke creeping into my bedroom accompanied by loud swearing, which meant my ghost roommate had made a disaster of whatever he was trying to procure for breakfast. The sky was overcast so it’d probably be a rainy day. I had a slight headache…and oh yeah, I was looking into my backyard at my Yorkie, Luna, digging furiously in the dirt. I was almost certain what she was trying to unearth wasn’t one of her toys.

I stood there for a few moments more, trying to decipher what it was that Luna was pawing at, then shook my head and ran out of my bedroom. I almost collided with Ethan, who was on his way to my room with a frying pan in his gloved hand and the charred remnants of what he’d come to dub the wake-up bacon.

“It’s burnt, but I figured waving it under your nose would still get you out of bed any—Hey, what’s wrong?”

I brushed past Ethan and ran into the yard where I snatched up Luna, then had a good, hard look at what she’d been wrestling with. I’d been hoping that it was some oddly shaped root or five fingered toy I didn’t remember buying for her, but no, it just had to be the worst possible thing.

A human hand.

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A.J. Locke is originally from Trinidad and Tobago but has resided in New York City for over ten years. She knew early on that she wanted to be a writer, penned her first novel at fourteen, and hasn’t stopped since. Creating is her passion, and other than writing she enjoys drawing, painting, graphic design, and any other creative whim that may take her.

Author Links:

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Requiem for the Living (The Reanimation Files Book 2) Buy Links:

Affairs of the Dead (The Reanimation Files Book 1) Buy Links:


 To go along with the tour I am having a GIVEAWAY! The Grand Prize winner will receive: A Yorkie Plush (in the novels, Selene has a pet Yorkie named Luna), a Rune necklace, a signed paperback copy of Affairs of the Dead an e-book copy of Black Widow Witch, and a $10 Amazon gift card.
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Note: In order to win the grand prize you must complete (and show proof) ALL the items on the Rafflecopter! The giveaway will run from June 8th - June 30th. 

If more than one person becomes eligible for the Grand Prize, I will use a random number selector to pick the overall winner.

You also have a chance to win great books from Etopia Press, Rune Necklaces, and Amazon Gift Cards. Those prizes do not require total completion of the items on the Rafflecopter.

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Book Review - Sleeping with Blackbirds, By Alex Pearl

So I have an 8 year old son who I am trying to get to read more.  He does love to read somethings already but lately I am trying to get him to read things outside of his comic books.  He is currently working his way through the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  He seems to like it.  I have also gotten him the books from the Artemis Fowl series.  We shall see how this goes for him.

I am talking about my son today, because this book review deals with a book that has a child as the main character.  Well really there are a couple of children that this book focuses on.

And on with the show...

Book Title: Sleeping with the Blackbirds

Author: Alex Pearl

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I want to preface this with saying this was a very good book.  I enjoyed reading it.  That being said, it is not a fast paced book.  It is not a book that is all action and adventure.  It's a beautifully written book about a boy and his birds.  I think that young readers will love this book.

I felt sorry for Roy through out this whole book.  I am a social worker and all I could think about is that this poor boy is being neglected.  My heart reached out to him. When the twist with his parents comes out, I could actually see it all falling into place.  Don't worry, I am not going to tell you what happens, but things do start to fall into place.

I love the relationship that the birds have with this little boy.  They are really involved and I loved how they kept trying to do things to help Roy out.  In the end they made things harder on him, but really they just wanted him happy so he could keep making bird boxes and getting them the food they would need for the winter.  I loved that part of this book.

Pros: The emotion in the story was great.

Cons: A bit slow in places.

Overall rating: Recommended!

Book Review - Dying Embers, by Betty Adams

So I have done a lot of reading this week.  Between insomnia and plane rides I got a few books done that I needed to finish for reviews.  We also have a couple blog tours coming up, so be on the look out for those. 

I really do appreciate all the people who stop by and read the reviews.  I know I am still learning the ropes of things here, but I am really trying to get the hang of things.  I love that I am part of a larger community that does read each other's reviews.

That being said, here we go....

Book Title: Dying Embers

Author: Betty Adams

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

So when I started this book I was little lost. I am glad that through out the book we got more back story but for a while I had no idea why or what was going on. I loved the idea of the book but I honestly think that it would have flowed better for me so that we understand better where each character is coming from.

I loved the alien species. They were definitely not what I was expecting them to be, but I wish we could have seen more of the “bad” side of things. We get small tastes through back story and conversations but we never get to see any kind of interactions with them. To me it was lacking something, but I just can't put my finger on what.

Over all I love the book and it got to me. Let me say, when you start reading this you don't expect to need the tissues, but trust me, you will need them. The plot was great, but I just feel like there was so much more that could have been done with this book. Again, that is where the lacking something comes in. I just don't know where it really is missing something.

After I finished reading this book I thought about it for a while before I started to write this review. When I finished the book I had strong emotions about the whole story but I was unsure how I would rate it. I also felt like I was missing something. I went back over certain parts of the book and still felt missing pieces.

I think that over all what we are lacking is more about the aliens and how they got to Earth, how they ended up where they are. I just think that we need to know why they are working with the government, why they are with the humans. I guess I am just a bit cynical and would think that the humans would not be so open to the interactions we are getting in this book.

Pros: Great idea, love the characters

Cons: Feels incomplete

Overall rating: Great book, would recommend it.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Book Review - Angelfall, by Susan Ee

I realized that not all review blogs have much of anything else on them.  That is not a bad thing, just something I noticed.  I tend to start my posts with a little fluff.  I think it helps me personally so I can get into the flow of writing.  Sometimes I go days, weeks without writing a review and I need to get back into the right mindset.  Does that make sense?

Anyway, I am a huge coffee junkie.  I have to have my cup each morning, sometimes I need way more.  I have days when I go through a whole pot and it's not enough to get my brain out of the fog.  I found this image that fits me so perfectly.

So today's book is one I got from the Kindle Unlimited selection.  Some of the books i find are not worth my time, but this one had me up all night reading it.  I just couldn't put it down and I am all excited that the next book is available for me to get through Kindle Unlimited as well.  I foresee another night of reading and no sleeping.

On with the show.....

Book Title: Angelfall

Author: Susan Ee

This book started out strong.  I loved how you didn't get a sugarcoated, happy start.  You get shove right into the middle of the bad times for the characters.  You have Penryn, the main character, trying to save her mother and sister.  It isn't until you are already vested that you learn that her mother is suffering from a mental illness.  It fit though.  I loved that her issues actually helped Penryn get fro one point to another. 

When I picked up this book for my Kindle, I had hoped that it would be one of those books you can't put down.  I have read some great stand alone books lately but I have been craving a good series to get lost in.  This book is a great start for the series.  I am excited to start the next book.

I was recently asked about my book boyfriends.  When I answered that question, I had not finished this book yet and I have to say that I am fast falling for Raffe.  I think his struggles and his cocky, "I'm better then this" attitude, conflict with each other and there are times when you can see the chinks in his armor. He is definitely how I picture an angel to be, but there is more to him and as you read through the last chapters you can see that he is really struggling with a lot in the world he comes from.

I think this would definitely be a book I would recommend to all the people who love a good series. It keeps you engaged and wanting more through out the whole book.  I think the only draw back I have is that there is some back story missing.  You get how the world has fallen to where it is, but I want more story on Penryn and her family.  And I most definitely want more on Raffe. 

Pros: Massively engaging, great characters, great storyline

Cons: Needs more back story to help understand the characters better

Overall rating: Highly recommended!

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Nominated I am! (all Yoda like)

So I log into Goodreads today to get my fix and see what new recommendations there are for me. I was also seeing if there were any new reviews on books I had previously reviewed for the groups I am in.  I love to read other reviews to see if someone liked or didn't like something as much as I did.   Anyway, off topic.  I log in and see that I have two messages.  One is a group message, usually those are about new read to review books.  The other is from Ara the Booksnake (Masako on Goodreads).

I was nominated for the Liester Award!  I have to thank her for that nomination as well.  I was actually very shocked by it all, and I did what she did.  I can say that I Googled it.  I was all, "what is this?" I have not been at this reviewing thing for long, but it is definitely great to know that someone is reading it!  Thank you so much!  Oh, and my husband said thank you as well Ara!!!!!!! *BIG HUGS*
That being said, there are rules to this, so bare with me. I will post them at the bottom and all that jazz.  Part of this means I need to nominate some people.  There are several blogs I have been following so let's see if can do this right.

1. I want to nominate Ara - The Booksnake Etc. (she is the wonderful one who nominated me)
2. Selina O'Loan - Dear Book Geeks
3. Kristin - Kristin Un-Ravelle'd
4. Melissa - Around the World in Books
5. Denise - I am Shelfless
6. Kelsi - Ultraviolet Lit
7. Floryie - The Travelogue of a Book Addict
8. Amanda - Feed Your Head
9. Sarah - Sarah's Cozy Book Nook
10. Cody-Leigh - Literary-ly Obsessed

Alright, there are the ten top blogs I read, and they have some great reviews on them.  Here are the questions tagged to me:

1. Do you prefer a book that is written in third person, or one that is written in POVs?
I am actually not that picky with it comes to POV.  I love to read first or third person.  What I love though is when a book will give me more then one person's POV.  It helps me fully understand what is going on.
2. Do reviews have an impact on your book purchases?
Reviews have a huge impact on my book purchases.  If there are nothing but negative reviews I tend to be very leery about reading that book. 

3. What made you want to be a blogger?
Actually this is an easy question, lol.  I love to read and I want others to really be able to know how a book is.  I wanted to share my opinions on books with others.  I can't seem to write the books, but I can read them
4. If given the chance, would you like to meet in person the bloggers you've had the chance to interact with? Why or why not?
I want to say yes, but I am a hermit by nature and I think I would be scared.  I am outgoing for my job in the real world because I have to be.  Meeting new people is way outside of my comfort zone.
5. What are your biggest book no-nos?
I think the biggest no-no for me is being pretentious with our writing.  Don't write a book to make yourself seem smart.  Using 75 cent words really turns me off to a book.  I am an educated woman, but if I have to spend my whole reading time looking up the words you are using, I will not finish your book.
6. Who is (or are) your book boyfriend(s)? Why them?
This one is very hard for me.  Jason Schuyler from the Anita Blake Series is definitely one.  And I am absolutely in love with Doyle and Frost from the Meredith Gentry Series. I think the rest come and go as I read books.  I do seem to have this thing for the dark love interests and the under dogs.  I just can't help myself.
7. What is your record for longest time without putting down your book/ereader? (meaning no sleep, no breaks except for bathroom ones and eating, no work stuff)
I read an entire series in 24 hours.  That was about 7 books.  I had the books in hard back and on the Nook I used to have.  When I was done with one book I would just go right to the next.  I would take them to the bathroom with me as well.
8. Aside from reading, what are your other hobbies?
I am a video gamer.  I also have started working on my own arts and crafts business, but I really see it as a hobby.  It keeps me happy.
9. Would you like to be an author someday? If yes, what genre would you specalize in?
Gosh yes, but I have no ability in this area.  If I was going to write, and I am still trying to write, it would be paranormal romance.  I am not sure if it would be adult or young adult though.
10. What advice can you share to fellow bloggers?
I think the biggest thing that was said to me that I want to get out there is that you just need to keep writing, even if you don't think anyone is reading your stuff.  Just keep putting yourself out there.

Here are the questions I would love answers to from you all.
1. What world from a book would you want to live in?
2. What draws you to your favorite genre of books? (If you have several you love, pick one)
3. Do you have a preference, real book or e-reader?
4. How do you feel about books that are made into movies?
5. If you could be any main character from a book, who would you be?
6. Do you have a favorite series that you would love to see made into a movie/tv show?
7. How do you go about picking what books you want to review on your blog?
8. How do you feel about reading self-published books?
9. If you had to pick one book as your favorite of all time, what would it be?
10. Where do you do most of your reading? (bed, couch, at a desk, etc.)

The Rules:

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