Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Review - Semi-Charmed, By Isabel Jordan

I love summer.  The days last longer, the sun is out, and the mornings are calm and quiet.  I hate one thing, mosquitoes.  My area of Texas is one that has been getting the rain that floods us, so that means we have the little flying vampires all over the place.  I was trying to get into the whole walking in the morning thing again, before work, and they made a meal of me.  Who knew you could develop an allergy to the little buggers?!

So I have a great book for you today!  I picked it up because they are reading it as a book of the month in the Goodreads group, Lovers of Paranormal.  I have been trying to get more involved in the groups I am in.  I have grabs some new books to review as well. So keep your eyes open!

On with the show...


Psychic and paranormal PI Harper Hall isn’t that surprised when her business partner skips town. Really, she can’t help but feel it’s her own fault for trusting a guy named Romeo in the first place.

But if Harper wants to consult for the police on a high profile case, she’ll need a new partner-- preferably one with some supernatural skills of his own. Enter Noah Riddick, a slayer left jobless by the legalization of vampirism.

Riddick’s dark secrets and shady past have forced him into exile from human society--an exile he was completely comfortable with until gorgeous and exasperating Harper waltzed into his life. Now, all too aware of how…unlifelike his life has truly been, he agrees to partner with her (as if saying no to Harper Hall was ever really an option).

Fighting vampires, making immortal enemies, engaging in semi-sadistic interrogation techniques, staging daring rescues…it’s all in a day’s work for this paranormal odd couple. But falling in love? Well…that’s a little trickier. Even for the Semi-Charmed Harper Hall.

Semi-Charmed is a full-length paranormal romance novel, completely free of cliffhangers, with a HEA. For readers 18+ only. 


Book Title: Semi-Charmed

Author: Isabel Jordan

I was so glad that I decided to pick up this book and join in on the reading for the month.  Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.  I fell in love with the whole idea and the way the author laid out the story.  She didn't rush things and let it go on it's own.

To start with, the characters were great. I love Harper and can't wait to see if Isabel does more with her. I think that she is well developed and thought out.  I also love that we get a taste of her past, that always helps when you are trying to get to know your characters.  I find that it is harder to connect when you can't see how a character got to be who they were once  you start reading the book.

Noak.  What can I say about Noah.  He is almost on my list of book boyfriends.  I think that if he happens to show up in another book and he is still the dark, brooding man Isabel wrote, he will definitely make that list.  He is hard to like a first but you can tell he is struggling with what he was always taught and what he is feeling.  It can't be easy to always hide that you have emotions and then meet a woman who forces you to let those feelings out.  

Over all, this book was a great read and I had to finish it once it was started.  It was definitely a good thing that I didn't start it too late in the day or I never would have gotten any sleep.  That is definitely the sign of a good book. I am hoping that we will get to see more of these characters in the future.  We have a great psychic, a hunky vampire hunter and all the friends and family needed to make a great series.  (Hint Hint)

Pros: Great story, great characters, great book

Cons: Need more books!!!

Overall rating: OMG, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

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