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Book Review - Unauthorized, By Lisa Ladew (And a blog update)

So things have gotten a bit crazy with my real life job.  It has been causing me to have long days and work overtime.  Due to that for a while we are pulling back on the book tours and the reviews some.  I have some books now that I need to get reviews out on, they were already finished prior to the craziness.  For a while we will be cutting out tours to two a month, and we will be trying to get a couple cover reveals in there as well.  I am just too swamped with the work thing and I am finding that I am not enjoying my reading as much because I have to hurry through the books to get a review out.

I am going get one book review out of the way right now.  I have a few more to do from books I have previously read.  I am hoping that we can get back on the review and tour track in a couple months, but with my job and the tiredness I feel when I get home, I will have to see how things are going.

Without any more issues....

Book Title: Unauthorized Affair
Author: Lisa Ladew
Publishing Date: November 10, 2014
Page/Word Count: 220 pages


This is a free romantic suspense book, the beginning of a romantic suspense series, although this book with this couple reads as a standalone.

Twenty-six year old Jen Mansko finds out the hard way that she's too trusting. Her apartment ransacked, her bank account emptied, and her heart broken, Jen has had enough and high-tails it to the only place she can think of where she will be welcomed – her brother's house.

Anxious for a fresh start, Jen does something completely out of character and decides to become a cop. Soon, the athletic beauty with the striking-pink locks captures the attention of Sergeant Hunter Foley. When she is vetted for an undercover assignment, Jen dares another feat and quickly wins the approval of the powers that be.

Once embedded in the covert operation, yet another unlikely suitor is drawn to her. With two men on opposite sides of the law vying for her attention, Jen is forced to make a choice or risk having all she's worked so hard for ripped away from her.

This is a spin-off of the Edge of the Heat Series. The characters from the Edge of the Heat will weave lightly in and out of the Unauthorized series.

This is a standalone novel, however, there is a cliffhanger at the end that involves the H/h of the next book.

Heat level: moderate. suspense or thriller level: moderate. Some swearing. 18+


Pros: Great characters, loved the story
Cons: I want more Coleton
Overall rating: Highly Recommended

Impressions: Great ideas, story flowed, characters are well developed


So I got this book as a free one from Amazon.  I am so glad I grabbed it.  I loved the whole idea and the characters were just right.  You could tell that the author knew her characters well enough when she was writing.  I have found that there are times when an author will have a series going and make a spin off that just doesn't work right.  Not this time.  This book is great!

I love that Jen is going through personal changes in this book.  She is trusting and a bit naive but that all changes as you go.  Don't get me wrong, it's not a massive character change.  It's something little here and there for her.  She grows through out the book and I love that.  I think that she is a great lead female.

Let me just say, I want my own undercover cop now.  Hunter is strong, and he has a good head on his shoulders.  He keeps himself from getting involved with Jen, knowing it is wrong for him to do anything with her while they are working.  He is a great male lead and plays off Jen wonderfully.

I am very excited to read the next one, and I was excited that the second book is on Kindle Unlimited.  I have already picked it up and will be reading it soon!

Stars: 4 out of 5

Amazon Link: Buy it here
Goodreads Link: Clink Here
Twitter Link: @LisaLadewAuthor
Webpage: Author's Page

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