Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Book Review - Sovereign's Wake, By Lee LaCroix

Book Title: Sovereign's Wake
Author: Lee LaCroix
Publishing Date: November 9, 2015
Page/Word Count: 344 pages

A kingdom crumbles without its ruler. The people fall to misery and desperation in the shadow of an empty throne. A father does what he must to save his son and his homeland in the absence of kings. Enter Garreth, ranger and former royal bodyguard, who embarks from his woodland home after defending it from the encroaching loggers of the Blackwoods Company. "The King is dead!" they had screamed at Garreth and drove the man to the capital of Amatharsus to resolve the most troubling statement in Malquia's recent history. Together with his son, Novas, and daughter of a murdered blacksmith, Kayten, Garreth is hounded by bandits, cutthroats, and highwaymen, unleashed upon the countryside by the abolition of the Crown Aegis, defenders of the King, his land, and his people. Garreth unites with the remnants of the Crown Aegis to overcome the military, political, and economic oppression that the Blackwoods Company has imposed on Amatharsus and incites rebellion before the free people of Malquia succumb to crippling recession and the environmental destruction of their verdant nation. But can one man find the strength to challenge overwhelming odds when all hope is lost?


So I wanted to really like this book.  I loved the idea of it and that is why I wanted to review it.  Once I started reading it though it was a bit if a struggle for me.  I love people who actually can use formal writing, not just slang and text speak, but this book was almost too formal for me.  When I am reading a book I want to be able to think but not feel like I am going to be tested on what I am reading later.  

This book's structure reminded me of some of the books I had to read when I was in college.  It was very stiff. I think the author has a great eye for describing things, and I think he could tell a blind person exactly how something looks.  That being said, there is more to a book.  I think that he needs to let the characters tell some of that, let them be part of it more then just tell us. If that makes sense. 

The characters are strong, and the author did a great job with them.  But parts were harder for me to follow and I got confused with them.  Perhaps a little bit more about them, or more talk between them.  I am not sure what they need.  There is just something missing in this book.

I do think that it is a good dip into the fantasy genre, but I think that this book could stand a few little changes here and there.   With the right tweaks and a more flowing feel, this book could be the start of an epic, great series!


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