Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book review - The Saga of Urunem, by Caton Hartworth

Title: The Saga of Urunem
Author: Caton Hartworth
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Pages: 530
Genre: Fantasy


All beings in that place knew that the winds of change were coming, and there they were, standing on the precipice of all the ages before them, waiting to be swept up by the gale and take the leap of faith into the maelstrom of the future; that deep black lake where even the Weavers’ gaze could only pierce but a little.”

The Speakers have been the people’s connection to the High Ones for millennia. Ever since the days of the Old Wars, the Speakers have joined with the fair children of Urunem, the Sons and Daughters of the Trees, ancient wights, and the mighty Beast-Folk, to stand against those beings that usher forth from the harsher wombs of the Earth. Legendary warriors, healers, and wardens of the sacred, beholden to a deep and ancient wisdom, the Speakers with their divine power have always sought to enact the will of the High Ones. However, when an unexpected and devastating attack on the Morkvatn Seminary occurs on the Day of Great Light, the Speakers are left in turmoil. The wise and ancient High Speaker Asmund, fearing the prospect of a future attack, ventures into the cursed forest of Morkvatn to seek ultimate wisdom. When he returns from his trials a near god, he and High Speakers Bjarni and Alvilda begin an investigation to discover the source of the new threat. What they discover is a dark and awesome power that has been growing in secret; a power that could unite all the dark forces of the world, end the reign of the Speakers, tear apart the threads of fate, and threaten the existence of the High Ones themselves. 


This book is a great step into the fantasy genre.  We get to see different sides of things all in one book.  It says a lot when an author can write a book that brings in different types of genres.  We get a little fantasy, and even a little bit of the paranormal, which I love. We get different kinds of characters here, and I love that as well.  When an author can maintain a world and all the characters through out the book, that says a lot.

The author appears to have taken his time with his book and written it with an rich back story in place.  The world was well developed, as was each and every character.  In my head I could see the author doing each character's back story before he even wrote his first paragraph.  I love when you can see a character so clearly in your head with the way they are written.

This book gives you more then one emotion, which is the sign of a good book.   You get the needed twists to keep you reading and the story moves forward so smoothly that you have to keep reading to see what will happen next.  You will want to keep reading, to get the needed answers to questions that come up in your head as you are diving deeper and deeper into the book.

Highly recommended!

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 About the Author:

Caton Hartworth is an author based in Maryland, USA. With a lifelong passion for creativity, Caton writes primarily in the fantasy genre, but sees no reason not to broaden his horizons. Beyond his solo work, Caton often collaborates with other artists and creators on literary and fine art projects.

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and holding degrees in Anthropology and Chinese Studies, Caton enjoys sourcing from his experience of travel and fieldwork, the odd and extraordinary events of daily life, and the richness of real-world cultures in order to create his fictional worlds. Also, with a lifelong interest and love of Norse religion and culture, Caton draws much inspiration from Norse history, mythology, the Eddas and Sagas, and related scholarly and religious commentaries for his life and work.

An avid outdoorsman, there is usually not a single day where Caton doesn't spend at least some time adventuring in the woods, working in the garden, or engaging in other outdoor work. Caton also has a passion for meditation and exercise, starting early in childhood, and believes that health of body, mind, and spirit are the keys to a good life.

Some of Caton's favorite authors/writers include JRR Tolkien, Seamus Heaney, William Shakespeare, Robert Burns, Snorri Sturluson, Wu Cheng'en, and many others, new and old.

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