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Book Review - Poisoned, By Katherine Pine

So I said I would be getting the reviews out that I need to get out, and I meant it.  I have been reading so many books lately and I need to get the reviews for them up.  I have been reading all kinds of books,  in many different genres.  I have picked up some great new books to read and review so be on the look out for them all.

So without any more fanfare....

Book Title: Poisoned
Author: Katherine Pine
Publishing Date: February 26, 2013
Page/Word Count: 83 Pages


Poisonous mists settled in the lowlands 17 years ago, rendering ninety percent of the land uninhabitable and killing over half the population. Most blame their misfortune on industrialization or the fey, but some curse Snow White, the princess who was born poisoned.

As the only person who can survive entering the poisoned woods without a gas mask, Snow White has dedicated her life to studying the poison and finding a cure. This obsession draws her deeper into the woods and its secrets, where nothing is as it seems. When Snow White saves a man who should never have been saved, she unleashes an evil more horrifying and destructive than the poison.

Pros: Great idea, good characters, back story
Cons: Wish it was more detailed, the character's all had the same voice when reading
Overall rating: Easy to read


I am all about a different spin on a fairy tale story. This was a great spin on the Snow White tale.  I am not a fan of the short story format of it though. I think that with this though we run into a problem.  The characters all seem to come off the same when you are reading them.  The worst is when you are dealing with Snow White and Rose.  They are like the same people when you are reading their parts.

I think that with any story, the author had a great idea going in.  I think that Katherine had a great idea when she started out, but I think that the execution was lacking.  Getting the story from head to paper is definitely different.

I think that this should have been a full book, not divided into three shorter books.  That might have made it easier to read, but I am not too sure about that.  I am just very confused about a few things in this story.


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