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Book Promo - The Sacrifice, By Mia McKimmy

Title: The Sacrifice
Author: Mia McKimmy
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Fantasy

Will their love survive the sacrifices that must be made?

Almost three hundred years ago, a race of immortals fled the planet of Sivadia and came to Earth. When a war divided their race, each side was led by twin sons of the Sivadian king.

From the moment Riana Martin meets Cy, the dangerously sexy Sivadian Protector, she knows it will be hard to resist him. From the first touch, Cy sets off a firestorm inside her heart and soul.

Cy knows Riana is his destiny, but since their father named him successor to the throne, his twin has been determined to destroy him.

Can Cy protect Riana from his brother…one of the most evil beings to ever walk this planet?

Book Excerpt
The Sacrifice — Excerpt 1 (393 words)

Riana, and her best friend, Elle have just arrived at the compound where they’ll be trained to defend themselves against feeders, who abduct young women to breed with. Their training will be done by Protectors, warriors who defend the Sivadian and human races from feeders..

Riana and Elle moved to the edge of the courtyard and stopped in front of a set of steel gates where two guards were positioned. They wore black pants and shirts made from a shiny material that clung to every well-defined muscle.
“Those two look like they stepped off the page of a body builder magazine,” Riana whispered.
A hint of mischief danced in Elle’s blue eyes. “I hope there are more like them inside those gates. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.”
Riana smiled and shook her head. “Are you planning to pursue a Sivadian male?”
Elle dropped her gaze to the ground, and Riana instantly regretted her comment. After Elle was attacked by a feeder at fifteen, she swore off anyone stronger than her. Since Sivadian men were the stronger sex of their race, it left only humans to date.
“At least you have a sex life,” Riana said. “I’m finally getting a break from the long hours at the hospital, and now I’m forced to stay at a compound where the only members of the opposite sex are Protectors. If I went near one of them, my mother’s lecture would play a constant loop in my head. ‘Protectors are not life-mate material, Riana, and they never will be. All they care about is killing feeders. Whatever you do, stay away from them,’” she said in a high mocking tone. “That mantra has been drilled into my head for as long as I can remember.”
“Why does she hate Protectors so much?” Elle asked.
“Who knows? I asked once and she avoided the question, and then proceeded to point out more of their faults.”
Riana dug through her bag for her Sivadian identification card, and then stepped up to the gate. One guard took her ID, scanned it, and then handed it back. The other guard motioned for her to stand inside a circle painted on the pavement. He held a strange gun at his side. Before she could move, he raised the gun, pointed it at her and pulled the trigger. 

Author Bio

Mia McKimmy writes paranormal romance novels reflecting her belief that everyone has one great love, and when you find them, there’s no denying you have met your destiny.

Mia counts herself lucky to be married to her one true love. She is Mom to two grown daughters, and Nana to four grandkids who have her wrapped around their fingers.

She is a former hairdresser, and has a degree as a Registered Nurse from Georgia Highlands College. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, and Georgia Romance Writers.

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