Sunday, June 5, 2016

Book Review - Niveus (The Windergrave Chronicles, Book 3), By Sharon Cramer

So today will be a day of reviews, I am getting caught up.  I have been reading a lot.  It happens when I go on vacation!

Book Title: Niveus (The Wintergrave Chronicles, Book 3)
Author: Sharon Cramer
Publishing Date: February 13, 2016
Page/Word Count: 314 pages


Wintergrave seems the perfect place to shield Niveus from untold dangers until…Malik, smitten with such profound hatred of Ravan, comes with one intent—to destroy the mercenary’s daughter.

Malik’s scheme takes a twisted turn, however when he first sees Niveus, and his wicked plan drags her on an epic trek like no other. But with her power at Malik’s disposal, it seems no one can stop him.

Is undying love the only thing that will conquer true evil? But what sacrifice is required to finally destroy Malik’s bloody reign? Venture to 14th century Prussia to discover if Malik will be undone or if Niveus, or someone she loves…is lost forever.

Pros: Great characters, can be read as a stand alone
Cons: Wish I had more back story, just to help move it along
Overall rating: Great read, recommended


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.  
When I started reading this book I was clueless as to the other books in the series.  It was a great stand alone book and now that I know it's part of a series, I will definitely need to get my hands on the other books in the series. This is a good read and definitely something everyone who loves fantasy should read.

Niveus is a peculiar girl.  She has gifts, that is for sure.  I think that as the book progresses we get an idea of what she can do, but I do wish I had no known more about her mother's gifts.  I think that would have helped me more.  Don't get me wrong, this book is great and as a stand alone book you get enough to let you keep moving forward.  I am just one that wants to know everything about her characters.

The action in this book is great.  You grow to hate Malik quickly, and by the end you are cheering for his ending.  I will not give away what happens, but it is a great ending.  The things all get tied up and there is happiness and sadness all wrapped up into one, making it a great end to a trilogy.  Of course, if the author plans to write more about this work, she can with the way this book ends.  It's not an open ended finale, but it does leave you with an idea that other characters can have stories too.

This book is highly recommended and I think that as a fan of fantasy novels, there should be more like this one out there.  You get a little bit of everything in this one.


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