Thursday, August 20, 2015

Book review - The Haunting, By E.M. MacCallum

Have I mentioned how much I love that I get to work with some great authors doing my reviews?  If I have not, let me tell you now.  There are some great authors I have blogged books for and they have given me some of the best books to read.  I can't wait to see what comes next from these authors.

That being said, I have the third book in the series I recently reviewed.  The first book was The Demon Grave.

Let's get on with the review...

Book Title: The Haunting
Author: E.M. MacCallum
Publishing Date: August 13, 2015
Page/Word Count: 325 pages


One by one, they are losing the battle.

With the shock of death ringing in their ears, the group has to face one final test.

The Challenge is a classic haunted house and the creatures within are out to twist truths and reveal dark secrets.

Nora has to overcome her strange familiarity with the Demon's Grave as well as her infatuation with the demonic overlord, Damien. But, not everyone wants her there, and she could end up fighting for more than just her friend's freedom.

Pros: Great characters, great story line
Cons: The story doesn't need to end!  
Overall rating: Highly recommended!

Impressions: Great book, part of a great series


Alright, so I got very lucky with this one.  I was asked to read this book in exchange for an honest review.  I was beyond excited when the author sent me this book to read.  I loved the first two and was giggly when the author e-mailed me and asked me to read this book.  I read it as soon as I could!

This was a great way to wrap up the two previous books.  The characters are well developed and I love how they interact with each other.  The chemistry between them, be it good or bad, was great and I wish more books had characters that worked together.  

I still have a mad crush on Damien.  Until I find a new book boyfriend, he is going to have to settle for me, haha.  He is just a great character and I love how he interacts with Nora.  They have this relationship that leaves you wondering what is going to happen to them.  The ending to the book leaves me hoping that I get to see more of them, to see what happens.  I am not going to give it away here, just know I want more!!

The book was not rushed and this author timed things perfectly with this series.  She didn't seem to rush things, which meant that if she couldn't get to it in one book, she put it in the next.  I love that, because you shouldn't have to rush from point A to point B.  You need to flesh out your story and E.M. did that with this book, with the whole series.

If you have not read these book yet, I suggest you grab this one, and the other two, and start reading.  I warn you though, you will not get to put them down until you are done.  They are that good!  I read this one again in one night, like I did the first two.

Stars: 5 of 5

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