Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Review - Apple, by R.A. Black

You just have to love this time of year.  And yes, there is a lot of sarcasm in that statement. Allergy time is upon us all I am sure, sadly mine are year round so they just get a little worse right now.  It just means I get to curl up with books more often, because I am so not going outside with all the pollen and plant ickiness.  Yes, I said ickiness.  I am such a wordsmith. Haha.

So I have a new review for you all.  I have three books I am working on, and I finished the first one last night.  It was a struggle.  So let me get right to it...

Book Title: Apple
Author: R.A. Black

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)

Alright so I am going to get right to this.  I just could not get into this book.  I love gothic romances and gothic horror, but this was just not my cup of tea.  When I have to force myself to read something there is a problem. I could not get engaged from the get go and that is something a book needs to do for me.  If I am struggling in the first couple of chapters, I understand.  Sometimes the story starts slow.  This one, however, just never got me hooked.  That actually made it hard for me to get through the whole book.

I am not sure if my struggles were due to the book not being geared toward me or the story itself.  I wish that I could give this book a better review. The characters, Apple and Skye, they were just not fully developed for me.  I also had a hard time with how they just left the family in the beginning.  I know that in the past children left the family at some point, but I just had a hard time with how this played out.

I think that if this book was changed up a little it would turn into a great story and very engaging.  I think that perhaps things with the family in the beginning could be changed a little.  I think that some details could be elaborated on and that would help engage more in the beginning.

I know that I am mentioning engaging a lot but I find that I do better when books are just that, engaging.

Pros: At times the description was good, the author does know how to write.

Cons: The story just does not progress for me and felt forced.  It was hard to engage and I could not get into the story at all.

Over all rating: I am not sure I would recommend this book.  I think it could use some work before I would recommend it.

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