Sunday, April 12, 2015

Book Review - The Enchanted Rose, By Nadia Nadar

I know I know, this is two reviews very close together.  I have been a reading fool, let me tell you.  I have another book I just got that I need to read and review as well.  I have been a busy busy little book reviewer.  It's how I spend my down time, when I am not playing The Sims.  Seriously.

I know there are people out there who read this blog and thing "Just get to the book review".  Well, I am a horrible person and will not just get to the book review.  I think that people need to have something they can connect to when they are reading things.  Well, I want you all to know little things about me as I wrote.  So before I do review I will keep talking about things in my life before I get to my reviews.

But I digress and should get to my review.  I could ramble all day if you let me, lol.....

Book Title: The Enchanted Rose

Author: Nadia Nadar

I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)

I felt like we got shoved into this book at a peak point.  I don't see that as a bad thing.  I am a fan od books that start on climax and not ones who start slow and make me drag through to get to the good stuff.  These kinds of books keep me engaged.  This was no exception.  I was engaged from the start and read this book quickly.

I loved the idea of the story.  I love how the town reacted to Vivian when she arrived and you finally see why they did.  I am curious as to why it took so long for the reason to come out though.  I would think that she would have found out the day she got there, when she got to the home.  I am not complaining, mind you.  The way things are exposed in this book was well done.

While I was reading the book, it felt like it was going too fast.  I felt like there was no enough in the story and that it was shorter then it was.  So many things felt left out for me.  I just felt like I was missing things and had to go back and read things again because I felt like I had skipped over something.  That is why I cannot give the book a full 5 stars.  I loved it, but I felt like it was so rushed through the whole book that I was left feeling like I missed things.

I think that to make this book great some of the areas can be fleshed out more, give more details, give more back story.  I think that would make this more then it is. Overall though, this book is good, and the series has great potential!

Pros: The characters and the story are strong

Cons: It felt short and quick.

Over all rating: I would definitely recommend this book to others!

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