Saturday, April 18, 2015

Book Review - Graveyard Shift, By Angela Roquet

 I would have gotten this review out earlier this week, but this has been the week from hell.  Only fitting since the book review I am doing is about a book that deals with purgatory and all the different religious hells and such.  So today has been the first day I have had more then 5 minutes to myself.

We have been accepted over at Book Blogs.  We have a profile up there.  I also found out that we are on a list of book review blogs now.  I felt all excited when I saw it.

Anyway, here you go....

Book Title: Graveyard Shift

Author: Angela Roquet

I grabbed this book from a free list on Amazon.  I am glad that I did.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From the get go I was hooked.  I loved the main character and that she is a Reaper.  She was taking a man after his funeral in the very beginning and I love how she acted with the soul and even when the people she encountered once they were in Limbo.  I was curious where the story would go from the very beginning.

As the story progresses you get to see more of Limbo and world they live in that is a part but not in our world.  We get to learn how they divide up the souls.  It was interesting to me that they took the souls to the different hells based on what their religion was.  They even had the Sea of Eternity, which was where the souls went that were suicides.  It was all very interesting.

The world in Limbo is well through out and you get to see all the sides.  There are working businesses and people going about their everyday lives.  Angela did her research and made sure she knew what she was writing about.

I feel like there is more to the relationship between the main character, Lana and Maalik.  I can't wait to see what happens with them.  I was a little thrown by how easy she got them together.  I think that we needed a little more back story there, perhaps Lana liked him more then she was letting on when we heard about him?

Perhaps we can get a list of all the characters in the beginning, if they are going to play a role.  I did get a little lost at times trying to figure out who was who or what they were doing.  We go so many random people popping up that I did get a little lost.

Pros: The book has a great plot, with great back stories.  I love the characters

Cons: The relationships were quickly developed. There are too many random characters.

Over all rating: I would definitely recommend this book to others!!

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