Saturday, April 25, 2015

Book Review - The Mine, By John A. Heldt

It's that time again.  I know that I should probably do more of these each week, but the last couple of weeks at work in the real world have been keeping me tired at night.  I can't focus properly when I am tired and that means reading is pretty much out.  It is not fair to a good author to have the person reviewing their work not getting the full impact from their book.

I have a growing list of books to get read and reviewed.  It was just e-books until yesterday.  I went to check the mail after dropping my evil monkey off at school and found that I won a book from St. Martin's press.  So it looks like I will be reading a real book, not just things on my Kindle.  I also have a book series I need to read before May 9th. 

We have a Comicon coming here that my husband has a booth in and an author will be there.  I have wanted to read her books for some time and my husband bought them for me so I can get them signed.  My husband feeds my reading habit, a lot.

Here is the first review for this week, I feel like we will have another tomorrow.  Gotta love weekends...

Book Title: The Mine

Author: John A. Heldt

I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.  I love that I get books to review and they turn out to be far more then I expected.  This book is no exception to this rule.  I went in with no expectations and this book was far more then I had hoped for.

The story starts out with two college boys in Montana.  If you didn't know any better it appears to be a time travel book, with no big changes to the time travel format.  The planets align and Joel goes into a cave, a special area is all glowing and boom he is in the 1940s.  The time travel format was good, but it was after that we see something very different.

I have read romance stories for a long time and going back over them I don't think any of those books were written by a man.  I was very surprised and happy to see that a man could write a book that focused on romance.  Once we get to the 1940s we see a lost man finding his way.  He knew what was coming to them all and you could see him struggle with the knowledge that war was coming.  Because he met his own family member, he knew what would happen to the others.

This book flowed well and I loved the progression of things with each character that we got to know.  Without spoiling the ending, let me just say that I loved the twists and turns we went through to get from point A to point B, with all the time traveling in between.  I think that this book is one of those hidden jewels.  You go in expecting one thing and come out with something else entirely. 

Pros: The story moved well and the characters were very developed.

Cons: I wish that we could have had more time at the end, to see what the next steps would have been.

Over all rating: Very recommended!!!

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